Duda Melzer’s Family Built A Successful Media Business In An Important Brazilian Port City

When people think of Brazil, Sao Paulo and Rio are the cities that come to mind. Sao Paulo has always been a business hub, and Rio is an enchanted beach city with charm, gusto, and a vibrant nightlife. But there are other cities that make Brazil the great country it is. One of those cities is Porto Alegre, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Porto Alegre is famous for being an important port city and a major player in the South American Free Trade Agreement. But the city is also famous because Duda Melzer’s family gave the city credibility in the Brazilian media industry. The RBS Media Group is an important economic and social innovator. The Sirotsky family keeps creating new ways to report the news and to offer new entertainment venues. Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho was the first Sirotsky to bring television news to Porto Alegre and the surrounding smaller cities. Then Nelson Sirotsky gave the RBS Media Group the impetus it needed to become a powerhouse in the media industry. Check out Clicrbs to know more.

But Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, Sobrinho’s grandson, is the man who puts the RBS Group in rare company. Thanks to Melzer’s marketing skills, the television, radio, newspapers, and magazines in the group report news stories as fast as the other three giant media companies. Melzer is a Harvard-educated media superstar, and he is not afraid to go the extra mile to make his company stand out in the media industry.

There is little doubt. Duda Melzer is a successful business mogul. He has all the ingredients that make businessmen great. He plays an active role in Brazilian economics, and he is also one of Brazil’s foremost humanitarians. Duda gives Brazil what it needs at the right time. Melzer gives the people hope, and he gives more than 6,000 employees a reason to wake up and share the beauty that thrives in Brazil.

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See more: http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/opiniao/colunistas/fernanda-pandolfi/noticia/2015/12/em-sua-residencia-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-recebe-parceiros-do-grupo-rbs-para-brindar-o-fim-de-ano-4926417.html#showNoticia=Sjgje0JZM18yNzY5MjgxNjA5NjEyOTIyODgwTmFDNzUzMjI2MTI1MjY5NjM0NjUzMkhuNTQxMjgxMDA2ODUyOTQwNzU5MDRFVTtUIW0mLkgtYW06d3tcXkc=

David McDonald, The Face Behind the Successful OSI Group

     David McDonalds holds a B.A in Animal Science from the Iowa State University and has been working for the OSI Group- an American privately owned meat processor based in Aurora, Illinois in the United States. His affluent career at OSI Group began when he became a board member of the OSI group of director, later he became the director of OSI international Foods in Australia. This became his stepping stone as he is the President and Chief Operating Officer at the OSI Group LLC. He is also a Director at Marfrig Global Foods following its acquisition by OSI Group in Brazil and Europe in 2008.

McDonald leadership has been on the forefront in ensuring the OSI group becomes deep rooted in the Chinese market. He has been actively incorporating global efficiency standards and solution strategy to expand its presence in china. To ensure food safety, OSI is now using the Cryogenic food processing technology in fresh food preservation through liquid nitrogen freezing. In his own word McDonalds says the company is positioning itself well to have a global network and use its local management team in understanding the culture and taste of its customers.

The recent acquisition of Baho Foods, McDonalds says it is in a move to have a presence in the Europe. the main operations of the Baho foods are in Netherlands and Germany through it five Subsidiaries at Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Gelderland Frischwaren. Baho Foods is popular in processing of range Of Snacks, Convenient Foods and Deli Meats. David McDonalds believes this will help achieve the company’s strategy and offer a range of food products to the market and in return garner great profits.


About OSI Group

OSI Group has been operating in China for the last 20 years with 8 factories and other two facilities underway making it the main poultry producer in the land. Globally the company boasts in over 2,000 operational outlets in more than 17 countries.

In 2008 during the Olympic Games, OSI Group supplied 113 tones of meat ranging from beef, chicken, pork, eggs to dehydrated onion. Reportedly, there was no single complaint. The company is currently the largest food processor in china.

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Oncotarget Published Study Says E-cigarettes Just As Harmful

A published report, found in Oncotarget, says e-cigarettes cause a different type of health risk. After a long-term study, researchers at The University of Rochester Medical Center found that the steam or vapors released are detrimental to gum tissue. E-cigs have grown in popularity over the years, especially among young adults who perceive this device to be a healthier alternative, however, clinical studies are now being published that show the effects of e-cigarettes, on a cellular level.

The researchers concluded that electric cigarettes can damage the gums and thus increase the risk of tooth loss. The University of Rochester study revealed that the evaporated liquid in the e-cigarettes contains a variety of chemical compounds similar to tobacco. These compounds have an effect on fibroblasts and epithelial cells. The oral mucosa is our first line of defense against microbial infections, but clinical studies prove that e-cigarettes damage this defense. Damage to the protective mucous membrane can also have other health consequences. This damage increases the risk of infection, which can travel to other organs. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

Researchers had smokers use an e-cigarette for 15 minutes daily. Studies determined, after just one day, smoking e-cigarettes for 15 minutes increased the death rate of oral epithelial cells from 2 to 18 percent. Doctors say the full extent of damage to the gums and mouth is determined by the intensity of smoking.

Instead of tobacco, a liquid, usually in a flavored aromatic, is heated within the battery operated chamber. Each time the smoker draws or puffs on the mouthpiece, the gums come in contact with the compounds, thus causing harm to the gum tissue. Other research has confirmed that certain flavored e-liquids may be more harmful than others. The University of Rochester study that was published in the medical journal Oncotarget can be accessed here.

Established in 2010, Oncotarget is a leading open access oncology journal, serving the International scientific community. The journal offers hundreds of volumes of peer-reviewed articles and researches those encompass diverse fields. Check Oncotarget journal at scimagojr.com

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Could Make Amazon Concerned

Anyone who has bough apparel online in recent years knows that Amazon has become the king of this space, and when it pertains to the women’s active-wear industry, this retailer is pulling in 20 percent of the total sales. If Amazon thinks they can just kick back and enjoy riding this wave for the foreseeable future, they may want to take a closer look in the rear-view mirror. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been gaining ground on the e-commerce giant and $250 million in sales in only a few years could mean we may have a new leader in this space very soon.


Hudson elaborated on the success of her company, and most of the credit went to the sales process of reverse-showrooming and her rewarding membership program. This athleisure brand is high-quality and low pricing that appeals to the masses, but look how things are transpiring down at the Fabletics stores in the mall to get a real feel for the success of this company. On any given day, you will see women of all ages trying on the latest pieces of women’s active-wear, shopping for deals, taking the Lifestyle Quiz, or just walking in to activate their Fabletics membership. The real power of the sales process here at Fabletics actually occurs when these same women are shopping at the e-commerce website of Fabletics.


When all these women who have been trying on workout apparel at the retail Fabletics stores head to the online site, they really get excited. Everything that was tried on will now appear online too, so if a pair of yoga pants fit perfectly in the store, all the guesswork of picking a size has been eliminated online. These customers can simply surf the huge online inventory at the Fabletics website, adding new arrivals and different colors than they tried on in the store. Hudson says shoppers who used to buy a single piece in the store will buy half a dozen online. That is how you sell $250 million in high-quality active-wear in three years.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is changing the buying experience for women looking for fresh and fun styles in the workout niche. The company has discovered how to take potential buyers and convert them to loyal customers. The success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics appears to be for the long-term, and e-commerce sites like eBay or Amazon need to start paying closer attention to the sales process that is working here or they run the risk of being run over.

Roberto Santiago, an Entrepreneur and Owner of Marina Shopping Mall

Owning one of the biggest shopping malls in Brazil, Roberto Santiago has risen to become one of the most prominent investors and businessman in his country. His shopping mall is the largest actually in the state of Paraiba frequented by millions of shoppers annually. The shopping mall is one of the favorite places for customers as many consider it a one-stop shop for the many of the thing as it has many different shops selling nearly everything.

At the age of 58, Roberto Santiago is one proud man enjoying the fruits of his dedicated efforts in his investment. His rise to becoming one of Brazil’s biggest investor was one that involved hard work and ability to recognize an opportunity and pursuing it. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Before becoming the investor that he is, Roberto’s was initially a writer by profession with his blog. Roberto Santiago’s success as a writer is evidenced by the fact that his blog very popular and it attracted a huge readership in his country. Roberto’s comprehensive knowledge about his country inspired his writings, and his prowess in articulating and expressing his opinions made him very popular among his readers. Apart from being a write, Mr. Santiago was also a director with unique production skills in the productions of films.

As a result of his investments in the shopping mall business, Mr. Roberto Santiago has managed to successfully provide a place where many of his shoppers will pay for generations to come can conveniently do their shopping. It is also important to know that apart from his Marina Shopping Mall, Santiago also has another smaller shopping mall called Mangabeira Shopping Mall.

The fifty-eight-year-old Santiago first established the Manaira Shopping Mall facility in 1989 in Pariba State in the middle of Joao Pessoa. Its location at the heart of the town enables the shopping mall to be readily available to by the many shoppers going to the mall. The shopping mall includes shops that deal mostly foodstuffs, many clothing lines, provision of general shopping, art, and entertainment equipment. Read more articles on vivamaringa.odiario.com.

The shopping mall has proved to be a favorite spot where apart from the shopping experience that people for, many go there just to unwind. From the many restaurants located in the establishment, people go there to enjoy the different cuisines being sold. Others go there to just have fun in the gardens, bowling, and spending enjoyable time watching movies in some of the film theaters found there. It is because of its movie theaters that the popularity of the shopping mall that has been defined, with 11 movie theaters in total.

It is important to note that the mall is quite large and one can compare it to a small city encompassing a collage, bank, and many other amenities one would require in their day to day life.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Raising Awareness of Immigration Issues

Immigration has without a doubt been a hot topic in recent years. With legal and human rights matters at the forefront, the issue has become rather heated and political. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

Some groups are stating that immigrants have rights regardless of their status, while others dispute that they have any place or value in our society. Whatever the position, there’s certainly a counterpoint.

Groups that are working to protect immigrants rights are fighting harder than ever before. Groups opposing immigration including the government are spending excessive amounts of money to “fix” the problem. According to the ACLU, the US spends 1.84 billion annually in detaining immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

The group also states that 83 percent of immigrants are deported without receiving a hearing before a judge.It’s also commonly known fact that judges will threaten to deport immigrants found guilty of a crime. These strong-arm tactics have become more common and are even considered acceptable by many

The ACLU, commonly seen as a rather “leftist” organization even by their (typically) liberal members and supporters, has been fighting for the affected for years and counting. Simply titled the “ACLU Immigrants Rights Project,” seeks to defend immigrants against injustices. Among the issues being addressed are discrimination, segregation, and the nationalistic measures of their opposition. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/jim-larkin/

Common issues involving states’ rights and unconstitutional measures appear at the forefront of the matters being contested. Primarily, the ACLU petitions government and fights legal matter regarding immigration.

A group supporting the ACLU is the Fontera Fund. This group was formed as a result of the unlawful detaining of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These men are the founders of the New Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. The two were removed from their property in order for the police to search for notes that give information about the notorious Maricopa County, (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Araipo.

The matter was taken to court in on the grounds that the two had their first amendment rights violated. The case eventually escalated all the way to the Ninth District Court of the United States.

The Fontera Fund supports protecting the constitutional and civil rights of those affected negatively by immigration enforcement abuse. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded a settlement of 3.75 million from their lawsuit and use this money to fund their efforts. Some of these efforts include protecting rights at the border and political blogging to raise social awareness and gain support.

The group has published many articles and partnered with many organizations to spread the message beyond Arizona. The group also runs campaigns via social media. The group has made a rather large imprint and continues to fight for immigrants tirelessly. Supporters help to spread their works even further.

George Soros Promotes Democratic Agenda For the People

The idea that someone would have their human rights taken away from them is something that is both frightening and disheartening to George Soros. He has worked hard to make sure that people have rights and that they know how to use those rights. If someone does not know how to vote or anything about the process of voting, how can they be expected to vote in a way that allows them to truly get their real voice heard? George Soros knows that it is important to make sure that people not only get out and vote but also know how to vote.

There are many organizations that are doing what they can to make sure that people vote. They focus on the ability to vote and the options that people have when they are voting. Soros believes, though, that people need to take their own opportunities to be able to learn more about voting so that they can vote the right way. He understands that there is a lot of information that goes into learning about it and not all people are able to get access to that information. This is a huge problem and contributes to people not getting their voice heard. Know more on cnbc.com about George Soros.

George Soros has come up with educational programs that allow people who are in poor socioeconomic situations to learn more about voting and what they can accomplish if they vote the right way. It is something that allows them the chance to make sure that they are getting what they can out of the different situations that they are in. Depending on the opportunities that George Soros has provided, there are many different ways that people can enjoy the voting process and can get more out of it no matter where they are located or what they are able to do with their own finances.

Learn more: http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

Thanks to George Soros, thousands of people have been able to vote and know about their options when they didn’t think they had the chance to be able to do it in the past. Thanks to everything that George Soros has created for different people, there are now many more options even for people who are poor. This is something that has changed the way that the United States votes and the number of people who are voting. The numbers of people who vote have been steadily rising and George Soros played a huge part in that.

It is worth mentioning that George Soros is wholly supportive of the Democratic agenda because of the options that are available to the people who support it. This is something that has allowed him the chance to do more with the money that he has. He wants people to vote, have rights and be able to get more out of their lives. He especially wants to see people be as successful as possible and that is something that goes hand-in-hand with the rest of the things that the Democrats support in the United States political system. Read more about George at The New York Times.

The Strategic And Inspiring Career Of Lori Senecal

In an article on Salary, Lori Senecal became the CEO of CP+B Global Partners in 2015 but will be leaving at the end of the year. While with the company she landed the account for American Airlines. This was a major accomplishment as they have been with TM Advertising for 25 years. The preparations are already in place to make sure the transition is smooth when Lori retires from the company.

Danielle Aldrich has recently been promoted to president of CP+B West including CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder. She was previously one of the managing directors for CP+B Boulder. She also helped in the American Airlines campaign as well as Hershey’s. The company has ten offices and they are all under the leadership of entrepreneurs. Their passions are in the growth of CP+B all over the world. Their regional leaders add creative and strategic talent that enables the company to better share their resources.

According to The Drum, Lori Senecal has had a tremendous impact on the culture and business strategies of CP+B. She is collaborative, inventive and agile with an incredibly strong flair for the market. The development and growth of the company have been fueled by her leadership abilities and focus on talent. Her efforts made her the creativity innovator of the year and an agency executive to watch according to the Advertising Age.

Lori’s work with the MDC Partner Network drove the strategic vision of the company. Her work with the company’s partner agencies fueled the growth of the company and their network. In her career she was also the CEO of kbs+. She grew the domestic agency from 250 employees to 900 worldwide employees. Her leadership caused Crain’s to recognize the business as one of the best places to work in New York City. They also made the list for standout agencies by the Advertising Age. Lori held the position of President for the company’s flagship agency of McCann Erickson located in New York.

Lori Senecal was given the honor of being called one of Advertising Age’s women to watch and then received the Quantum Leap award for innovation and leadership. She additionally serves on the Board of Directors for the Ad Council. She also recently spoke at the 3% conference.

See more: http://lorisenecalglobalceo.com/

The History Of Sheldon Lavins Successful Career

Sheldon Lavin entered the meat industry as a career 43 years ago. He was previously an investor and a banker with his own consulting firm. He is currently the CEO of the OSI Group and has transformed the small burger supplier into a food products supplier on a global basis. The OSI Group has almost 20,000 employees is family oriented and experiences very little turnover,

Mr. Lavin’s proverbial path to success started in 1970 when he arranged financing for a company then called Otto & Sons which is now OSI Industries. They required funding to build a processing facility for meat and become McDonald’s hamburger supplier in the Midwest. Lavin was offered an ownership position with the company but originally declined. He did however become their consultant.

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Sheldon Lavin became more involved with Otto & Sons and researched investments overseas. When his father retired he became a partner along with his sons. He joined the company full time in 1970 and they continued to grow with McDonald’s. In the 1970’s the OSI Group expanded into Europe and North American. They reached Taiwan and South America in the 1980’s and Lavin acquired fifty percent of the controlling interest. When the last partner retired Lavin had 100 percent of the controlling interest in the company. Their expansion continued into the Phillipines, South Africa, India, Japan, Australia, China and the Philippines. This added to the company’s presence as they already had Brazil and Europe.

Lavin is currently 81 and still pursuing the growth of the OSI Group. His main focus is on Europe and Asia. He feels the most exciting part of the business was the expansion and the diversification. He is proud the company has managed to expand all around the globe and taken the OSI successfully overseas while simultaneously growing their business with McDonald’s. OSI is currently the biggest supplier of protein to McDonald’s in the world. The company has over 55 facilities located in sixteen countries so they are able to support McDonald’s and their other clients all over the world.

The Lung Institute, Helping Combat Chronic Lung Disorders With Stem Cell Research

The Lung Institute is an institution that is dedicated to offering patients with the best treatment for lung related diseases and disorders. Abiding by the high expectations that the institute has for themselves, they treat each and every one of their patients with only the highest quality care and procedures. Thousands of people every year and affected by chronic lung conditions, but few get their conditions diagnosed correctly. These people can have their lives changed by a tremendous amount especially if they aren’t treated properly. The Lung Institute aims to provide their patients with the best diagnoses to ensure that their problems are taken care of in time. The Institute seeks to give their patients once again the freedom to enjoy their life without any restrictions that are otherwise imposed on them as a result of an illness of this kind.

The Lung Institute mainly focuses on stem cell research, as they believe that that is the new and improved way to treat patients with chronic lung conditions. Stem cell research has seen a rapid increase in the past few years, owing to the numerous positive effects that doctors have seen it have on patients. The Lung Institute believes that by investing in this kind of research, they can alleviate the pain that their patients go through by providing them with practical solutions that indeed work and can help them. The Lung Institute believes in giving their patients only the best, and by implementing stem cell research with the way, they conduct treatments they have managed to serve their patients well.

As explained by PR Web, when someone is diagnosed with a chronic lung condition, even the simple things in life can become hard to do, making almost everything seem like a hindrance to one living their life. The simple pleasures in life like going for a walk or dancing may seem like a complete no-no for people who have chronic lung conditions. No matter what kind of lung condition the patient comes to them with, the Lung Institute will try their best to treat them to the best of their abilities and ensure that they can lead a normal, healthy life again. For more info, go to lunginstitute.com.