Securus Technologies – Pioneering Research and Development in Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies has changed the way the correctional technology and industry develops in the last few years. The company has drawn up some of the ground-breaking and cutting-edge services that surprised the entire industry. One of the recent technologies that the company launched was the video visitation service that ensures that the inmates can talk as well as see their relatives and friends at the same time over a smart device. It helps in keeping in contact with the family while also being able to see them. Such communication opportunities mean a lot to the inmates as well as their loved ones. The best part is that the family members of the inmates would not have to spend hours traveling to visit prison often, and can save a lot of money on traveling expense as well.


Securus Technologies offers high-quality correctional technology to the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. The company is so confident about its products and services that the corporation’s CEO, Rick Smith, also invited the customers and investors to visit the company’s technology center in Dallas. Securus Technologies has helped in ways more than one to ensure that the inmates get the best communication services available in the market, which doesn’t put a burden on their pocket. The company continues to bring the best in inmate communication to the prisoners to ensure they can communicate with their loved ones at regular intervals without having to think twice about the money.


The law enforcement officers using the services of Securus Technologies have been full of praises for the company as it makes their task easier, and gives them a safe environment to work in. The technology offered by Securus Technologies makes it possible for the law enforcement officers to catch the criminals with ease and keep the crime rate low in the society. As the crime rate across the country increases, it is essential for the law enforcement officers to be equipped with such high-end technology.


Securus has challenged GTL to a technology bake off

For the past few years, Securus Technologies has been the top provider of technology and communication solutions to many of the correctional facilities in the country. The company has been very successful at what they do, however, for the past few months; they have been engaged in a seemingly endless war with GTL technologies. It all started when the later company took Securus to court stating that some of the technology they had patented had been wrongly used by Securus. Securus tried on many occasions to get the other company to compromise on an out of court settlement, but the two are till feuding.

This week, Securus is once again extending the olive branch to GTL. They have invited them to a sort of bake off, but instead of showcasing their culinary skills, they will be showing off their technology. This is in response to a claim that was made by the later company that their technology is far better than the former’s. There are several things that Securus wants to clarify about the claims; to start with, they say that they do not believe there is any truth to the claim that GTL is better. They believe that having been in the industry for longer than GTL, they have invested billions of dollars into the business and naturally they are better at provision of the same services.

The CEO to Securus went ahead to state that the company had gone through various tests and had been proven to have better systems. He added that they handled their customer service through an equipped call center, unlike GTL who used outsourced services. He also raised the issue of their field technicians that were permanently employed, unlike GTL whose service were contracted. He stated his confidence that the event would once and for all settle the feud that had been brewing for months.