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What Reform Really Means To Betsy DeVos

Decades have gone by where the work of Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos remained active in her State of birth. The people of Michigan have shared a great deal with this woman’s past, current stance and that to be taken in the future. These are not new findings in the digital or real world.

Her adult life has been dedicated to what the state of Michigan knows as pro school choice. Pro-school-choice, to be specific, is the message presented to us by Betsy Devos political group the American Federation for Children. This organization was chaired by Betsy and remains a stronghold in her political views regarding education.

Her ambition, as is also outlined in the advocacy group’s work, is to enable public funding for the development of privates schools. The idea itself is idealistic but certainly not impossible. Together with Betsy, we take a closer look at the privatization of schools and how it would positively influence the country. Read more about their foundation at

The objective can only be accomplished by first passing laws to support the funding of privatization and then offer vouchers that work as tuition for any student registering for a private educational choice and within their own district. This same passion and work enabled Betsy to also aid in the development of charter schools.

These semi-private and semi-public education options are also expanding across the Michigan state rapidly and with no specific signs of slowing down. The potentials are great and outstanding. There’s even a great deal and an extensive list of organizations that support Betsy and her recent endeavors.

The reasons as to why are clear. Betsy get great results.

So we can’t take to heart what we’ve heard in recent months. Regarding Mrs. DeVos’ advocacy for education, it’s clear that her track record shows a strong concern for the educational well being of children in her state and those residing within the legal borders of the United States. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

These virtues, which are clearly seen within Betsy, are evident of her ability to tear down existing areas that are in need of reform. Nothing else could express this message clearer than her actual involvement. Betsy is a woman to be respected and her story must be told.

Roberto Santiago, an Entrepreneur and Owner of Marina Shopping Mall

Owning one of the biggest shopping malls in Brazil, Roberto Santiago has risen to become one of the most prominent investors and businessman in his country. His shopping mall is the largest actually in the state of Paraiba frequented by millions of shoppers annually. The shopping mall is one of the favorite places for customers as many consider it a one-stop shop for the many of the thing as it has many different shops selling nearly everything.

At the age of 58, Roberto Santiago is one proud man enjoying the fruits of his dedicated efforts in his investment. His rise to becoming one of Brazil’s biggest investor was one that involved hard work and ability to recognize an opportunity and pursuing it. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Before becoming the investor that he is, Roberto’s was initially a writer by profession with his blog. Roberto Santiago’s success as a writer is evidenced by the fact that his blog very popular and it attracted a huge readership in his country. Roberto’s comprehensive knowledge about his country inspired his writings, and his prowess in articulating and expressing his opinions made him very popular among his readers. Apart from being a write, Mr. Santiago was also a director with unique production skills in the productions of films.

As a result of his investments in the shopping mall business, Mr. Roberto Santiago has managed to successfully provide a place where many of his shoppers will pay for generations to come can conveniently do their shopping. It is also important to know that apart from his Marina Shopping Mall, Santiago also has another smaller shopping mall called Mangabeira Shopping Mall.

The fifty-eight-year-old Santiago first established the Manaira Shopping Mall facility in 1989 in Pariba State in the middle of Joao Pessoa. Its location at the heart of the town enables the shopping mall to be readily available to by the many shoppers going to the mall. The shopping mall includes shops that deal mostly foodstuffs, many clothing lines, provision of general shopping, art, and entertainment equipment. Read more articles on

The shopping mall has proved to be a favorite spot where apart from the shopping experience that people for, many go there just to unwind. From the many restaurants located in the establishment, people go there to enjoy the different cuisines being sold. Others go there to just have fun in the gardens, bowling, and spending enjoyable time watching movies in some of the film theaters found there. It is because of its movie theaters that the popularity of the shopping mall that has been defined, with 11 movie theaters in total.

It is important to note that the mall is quite large and one can compare it to a small city encompassing a collage, bank, and many other amenities one would require in their day to day life.

Felipe Montoro Jens: Ideas for Improving Basic Sanitation

The Brazilian government announced that it would partner with BNDES, National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Edison Carlos is the head of Trata Brasil, an organization dedicated to the provision of basic sanitation services. In his recent interview with the media, Carlos revealed some upcoming projects that his team was planning to do. According to Carlos on, services offered by this initiative will bring about improvements in the basic, management, and provision of resources.

Felipe Montoro Jens, a guru in infrastructure projects, raised the issue of proper waste management to enhance sanitation practices. It was revealed that 90 percent of the sanitation services in Brazil are provided by the public sector of which three-quarters of the users are state organizations. Edison added that the public and the private sector could work together in a complementary way on He also emphasized that majority of the government’s bodies can liaise with other companies to exploit their full potential. In conclusion, these executives encouraged partnerships among relevant sectors to work towards improving the sanitation sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens in brief

Felipe Montoro Jens is a gifted executive, infrastructure development profession, and the current managing principal of the His company Properties. He is a proud graduate of the highly respected Fundao Getulio Vargas and Thunderbird, an American Garvin School of International Management. He majored in business administration in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Jens is also an alternate member of the board of directors of His company. He is responsible for property investment management at this firm. Jens has also been involved management of His company’s branches in the UK and Singapore.

Felipe Montoro Jens sits on renowned boards of His company Ambiental, a water and sewerage company, His company Agroindustrial, ethanol and sugar, and His company Transport, infrastructure concessions in Brazil. Jens has also worked as a finance advisor at Terna S.p.A, a company that specializes in the provision of structured financial services and project development. Jen has served as a senior auditor at the PricewaterhouseCoopers at