Eli Gershkovitch And Steamworks Brewery:From Micro-Brewery To Craft Beer Empire

Craft beer is a booming industry in Canada. The country is the home of a growing number of flavorful microbrews. Canadians from diverse backgrounds are gravitating towards craft beers. In fact, while the sales of traditional, mass-market beer have leveled off in many provinces, sales of craft beer has risen consistently for more than three decades. And Canadian craft beer brewers are attracting an increasingly large international customer base. Plus, Canadian craft beers often win the top prizes in many of the craft beer contests held all over the world each year.

One very successful craft beer brewer is Eli Gershkovitch. A licensed attorney, Gershkovitch stopped practicing law to focus his attention on developing his Steamworks Brewery over 20 years ago. Today, Gershkovitch and Steamworks Brewery has customers throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.


Eli Gershkovitch became interested in owning his own brewery in the late 1980s after touring some of Europe’s top brewhouses (https://about.me/eligershkovitch). He opened his small Steamworks pub in Gastown, Vancouver and created Steamworks Brewery to supply it with a beer in 1995. Since then, the pub has grown from its original 184 seats to its current size of over 750 seats. And both locals and tourists alike frequent the watering hole. Gershkovitch has also opened several other bars and restaurants where his Steamworks craft beer is served.


The small, humble Steamworks brewery and its products have now been transformed into a staple of the local Vancouver culture. Over time, Eli Gershkovitch has expanded his brewery and his pub to meet the demand. That’s part of the strategy that’s helped him to succeed. The Steamworks brand is now a craft beer empire. At Steamworks pubs, women and white collar workers make up as large a percentage of the customer base as old geezers and blue collar workers.


The success of Steamworks Brewery hasn’t changed Eli Gershkovitch. He’s still humble and laid back. After more than 20 years brewing craft beer, he’s considered an industry veteran. But to him, Steamworks Brewery is simply a symbol of his freedom from the rat race and the fulfillment of his dream.