Dick DeVos: Climbing the Ladder to Success

Being the son of one of the wealthiest families in the United States, Dick DeVos was expected to become the instant head of their companies without doing any hard work. However, his father does not want him to be that kind of person, so he has to work for his promotion if he really wanted to get to the top. Right after graduating, Dick DeVos decided to work at Amway without using his father’s or his family’s influence. He started at the bottom, working inside different departments and doing his job perfectly. Because of his hard work, he was promoted to become a supervisor, then a manager, until he managed to get inside the executive level. He was promoted as the vice president of Amway, and he has to prove to his father that his promotion is worth it. Dick DeVos worked hard in order to increase the company’s revenues, and under his leadership as the company’s vice president, Amway gained a record breaking profit. Dick DeVos was successful in his goal of beating the company’s previous records, but he grew tired of the corporate world and decided to step down.


His family then purchased the franchise of Orlando Magic basketball organization in 1991, and Dick DeVos decided to become one of the managers of the team. He funded the team, and become an adviser to them, but he thought that he was not doing great so he decided to return to Amway. His father decided to step down as the company’s president, and Dick DeVos was chosen to replace him as the new president of Amway. During his term, Dick DeVos set up a goal which would beat his previous records. The way he handled the company resulted to their profit hitting an all-time high. Amway’s revenues under the presidency of Dick DeVos keep on going up annually, which made their company one of the most profitable to date. Amway expanded to over 50 countries during the term of Dick DeVos, and he also spearheaded the company’s restructure and rebranding. After several meetings and deliberations with the company’s board of directors, Dick DeVos finally had the decision to rename Amway into Alticor. The rebranded company being headed by Dick DeVos did not disappoint, creating revenues that are higher when it was still called Amway. After serving Alticor, Dick DeVos joined an investment firm called The Windquest Group, and finally retired from being an executive to focus on his investments.


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