WEN By Chaz: No Poo, No Problem. Just Gorgeous Shiny Hair

The sociological studies have been done, and research shows that hair truly matters, especially on a woman. We have control over our tresses, because we can change them when we want. As women, we use our hair to project our identity, and in turn, others see our hair as a reflection of our identity.

When we’re having a great hair day, it allows us to feel good inside and out; our self-esteem increases. A bad hair day is the pits, because it seems to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Maintaining gorgeous, healthy, strong, shiny hair shouldn’t have to be difficult, especially when a superb brand like WEN By Chaz is available. The famous no lather shampoo system is modern hair care at its finest and shows key differences from ordinary lather shampoos.

WEN approaches healthy hair from an holistic manner, using herbal and botanical extracts to create cleansing conditioners that soothe, nourish and add strength to each strand. Just one wash with WEN can transform dull, limp locks, as it provides a wonderful massaging product that thoroughly cleanses and conditions the scalp and hair. Best of all, WEN has been designed to work for every hair type and texture found on the planet.

WEN is the real winner if you’re looking for perfect hair care; the line contains zero harsh chemicals or detergents. Your hair is protected from nasty parabens and sulfates which rob your mane of its precious natural oils.

WEN is gentle and “builds” healthy hair through the goodness of nature. One bottle of WEN’s luxurious cleansing conditioners is a multi-performer, acting as a shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and stay-in conditioner. There isn’t another no lather shampoo on the market that’s been developed this way.

Forty million bottles sold; need we say more?

Securus has challenged GTL to a technology bake off

For the past few years, Securus Technologies has been the top provider of technology and communication solutions to many of the correctional facilities in the country. The company has been very successful at what they do, however, for the past few months; they have been engaged in a seemingly endless war with GTL technologies. It all started when the later company took Securus to court stating that some of the technology they had patented had been wrongly used by Securus.

They have invited them to a sort of bake off, but instead of showcasing their culinary skills, they will be showing off their technology. This is in response to a claim that was made by the later company that their technology is far better than the former’s. There are several things that Securus wants to clarify about the claims; to start with, they say that they do not believe there is any truth to the claim that GTL is better. They believe that having been in the industry for longer than GTL, they have invested billions of dollars into the business and naturally they are better at provision of the same services.

The CEO to Securus went ahead to state that the company had gone through various tests and had been proven to have better systems. He added that they handled their customer service through an equipped call center, unlike GTL who used outsourced services. He also raised the issue of their field technicians that were permanently employed, unlike GTL whose service were contracted. He stated his confidence that the event would once and for all settle the feud that had been brewing for months.