Madison Street Capital – article recap

Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that’s making great strides in offering premium services to its clients. In fact, those utilizing the firm’s services are singing the praises of Madison Street Capital. In one such instance, DCG Software Value enlisted the firm’s help in completing their merger with the Spitfire Group. DCG is a value and software management provider that works with businesses of every size, while Spitfire offers business and technology consulting services. The merger will help each company provide a much more extensive range of services to their customers.

Once the merger was complete, executives for both companies publicly thanked Madison Street Capital for its participation in the merger. They especially thanked the firm’s CEO Charles Botchway, as well as managing director Jay Rodgers, for their service in helping the merger succeed. Mike Harris, the chief executive officer for DCG, added that the insight and analysis that Madison Street Capital provided was essential to helping the companies reach a deal in the merger.

DCG and Spitfire executives aren’t the only ones recognizing Madison Street Capital for its exceptional performance. The firm was recently honored multiple times at the M&A Advisor Awards. The awards go to firms that excel in providing corporate financing and restructuring services. Madison Street was recognized for its achievements in helping Dowco Group in its acquisition of Acuna and Associates.

Additionally, Madison Street Capital was nominated for awards for their quality professional services, which include boutique investment banking and strategic deal making.

Madison Street Capital made more headlines, when they helped WLR Automotive Group with a $13.2 million sale that included a leaseback transaction. WLR specializes in full auto care service from washing and detailing to preventative maintenance and repairs. As a result of the deal and Madison Street’s participation, WLR has raised capital to reinvest in the market. They plan to use the growth from their investments to expand the business.

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 as a middle market investment firm with full range of financial and banking services. Today, they have offices worldwide in North America, Africa, and Asia. The corporate headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Adding to its list of services, Madison Street has grown to become a leader as a mergers and acquisitions advisor, while also providing valuation services to its clients. The firm assists corporations by providing valuation services for financial reporting, as well as serving middle market companies with analysis and advisory services.

Madison Street Capital services a long list of clients. Some of the most prominent companies they service are Fiber Science, Central Iowa Energy, and Bond Medical Group. The quality of the services they provide attracts leaders in the business and financial sectors from around the world.


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The Career And Typical Day Of Logan Stout

     Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, leadership trainer and speaker. His track record, leadership, credibility and principles have made him one of the most pursued keynote speakers on the globe. He helped launch IDLife in 2014 with partners including Jen Widerstrom, Troy Aikman and Darwin Deason. This group is providing an education regarding the importance of wellness, health and nutritional products.

Logan Stout is passionate about helping others build their skills in leadership. He authored Stout Advice to provide a sense of inspiration and empowerment to the leaders. The book received numerous prominent and rave endorsements including Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran. Logan Stout also founded an organization called the Dallas Patriots. This organization focuses on baseball and provides mentoring for youths between the ages of six and eighteen. Logan Stout has provided training, coaches, instructors and the opportunity to play baseball in college.

Logan Stout consistently appears on television, at live events and on radio. He has been featured on prominent television programs and in numerous publications. Philadelphia Life Magazine honored him with the title of Man of the Year. Logan Stout lives in Frisco, Texas and is the honorary chair for the American Heart Association and the Boys and Girls Club among others. He is highly respected in his community.

Logan Stout describes himself as systematic. He admits Monday through Friday follow the same pattern. He begins his mornings with an IDLife Shake and his vitamins. He reads the newspaper, the bible and his daily devotional. He has twin boys and enjoys helping them get ready to go to school. He works out before heading to his home office where he focuses on his work. By noon Logan Stout is at the IDLife corporate office. He attends any meetings prior to picking up his kids from school. He has dinner with his wife and children each night then spends a bit more time working. His day generally ends with a good book.

Logan Stout loves to brainstorm new ideas. He collaborates with numerous individuals and they improve on the merits of each idea. He believes a team effort is required to ensure the success of the creative process.

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Boraie Development Plans Brand New Atlantic City Luxurious Housing Unit

Most companies looking to grow their real estate portfolio wouldn’t consider Atlantic City, NJ to be accommodating to demands outside of casino or hotel contracts, but for Boraie Development this is now a fertile place for new rental housing. Sam Boraie, an executive at the company says that Atlantic City’s housing stock is in need of some replenishing and there’s room for more industries as a couple casinos have recently closed there. He says he’s confident the new Beach at South Inlet that Boraie Development is building will be an indicator of where consumer demand is in the city. The Beach at South Inlet is going to have rich interior designs along with a pool in the front and backside access to the beach boardwalk. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Housing has been the primary development made by the Boraie company, but they’ve also invested a great deal into commercial buildings as well. It is Wasseem’s father Omar Boraie who began Boraie Development back in the mid-1970s out of a desire to turn New Brunswick around from a city in decay to a thriving business center. Boraie’s educational background was in chemistry and had no financial or real estate experience as part of it, but he had a plan that he was determined to see through. Boraie says the specific decision to go into real estate and start building up areas that had been abandoned in New Brunswick, NJ happened because Johnson & Johnson, a healthcare provider had decided to keep its headquarters in the city. Check out



Sam Boraie took his building plans to a rough side of the New Brunswick downtown on Albany Street where he began construction of two towers where a current plaza is. the first was completed in 1988 and the second in 2003, and many business owners started leasing out the building while others moved nearby. The next big project was a 25-story large apartment building that Boraie decided to model after the Manhattan style that he believed could work in New Jersey as well. Boraie was right again and the complex at One Spring Street became an instant success being rented out. Boraie Development has not been alone in their dreams of restoring hope to New Jersey’s cities. Their CITIPLEX 12 and One Rector Street developments were also inspired by former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal who grew up in the city and has wanted to see the future youth there grow up in good neighborhoods.



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Securus Tests Drone Detection Technology for Prisons

Are criminals using drones to deliver contraband over the border or into prisons? How can this drone technology be stopped? Securus’ drone detection technology is leading the way in providing security to the law-abiding citizens.


“Drone Technology”


Drones can be used for many applications, including security, surveillance, agriculture, photography and real estate. Farmers could use the drones to check their large plots of land. Realtors might use drones to show their property from a higher viewing angle.


Parents could use drones to watch their babies. They could be used for rescue workers and fire men to dangerous buildings or hazardous locations. Drones can go where others cannot go.


Military applications for drones are the most well-known. The anti-drone technology has advanced so far that the enemy can now not only pick up the drone signals, but take them over and control your drone. This is part and parcel of war technology – one side makes a weapon and the other side makes a weapon to combat it.


“Securus Drone Detection Technology”


Because drones can go where others cannot go, prison officials are now worried. Already, their prison inmate personnel might be stretched thin. But, how can they watch the skies 24/7/365?


Securus is working with prison corrections officials to develop a drone detection technology system. A Securus spokesman said, “We work together with corrections officials who share a dedicated mission to deter drone delivery of dangerous contraband.” The plan is to use a similar digital antennae structure (DAS) infrastructure, based on Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution.


Every year, drone technology advances and there are even reports of a drone being able to carry a full-sized man. Of course, this would seriously disrupt any present prison system. Instead of needing to make it through barb wire fences, all prison inmates would need to do is reach the roof top or an open space to escape.


“First Class Securus Customer Service”


In 2018, Securus was the proud recipient of the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The Stevie Awards are an aggregation of the world’s top business awards programs. More than 600 corporate executives attended the presentation at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV on February 23, 2018.


More than 10,000 entries are received for the Stevie Awards. Businesses are very happy to receive one award; three awards is simply amazing. What were the categories for the Securus awards?


Gold was awarded to the Securus Corporate Escalations Team for “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year.” Silver was awarded to Zelperita Jackson for “Customer Service Professional of the Year.” And, Bronze was awarded to the Video Visitation Team for “Front-Line Customer Service Team.” Securus customer service is impeccable.


The Trabuco: The Weapon Of Many Names

The Trabuco, the Trebuchet, the huihui; the Trabuco, the middle age’s most devastating, and most popular siege engine, goes by many names thanks to it’s spreading from China into the Mediterranean and then to Europe. A siege engine is a weapon designed to collapse castle and fortress walls, making it easier for conquering armies to invade the inner most caverns of fortifications, which were often less protected than outer walls.

The Trabuco could shatter most fortifications within only a few hits of the massive boulders which it used for ammunition, and as a result became one of the most feared weapons on the battlefield during medieval times. In essence, the Trabuco existed in two separate variants over it’s years of development.


The traction Trabuco is most commonly thought of being developed and constructed independently by Chinese commander Qiang Shen during the Mongol invasions. The weapon was developed to pin down the invaders in a conquered Chinese city in a unique battle strategy by the commander. However, this assessment of being independently built by the Chinese has come under fire in recent years, as it was found that two Persian engineers were enlisted to aid the Chinese army in developing further Trabuco’s for use, indicating knowledge of the weapon’s design and functions before the time of the Chinese development. In fact, the Chinese name for the weapon, the Huihui is a direct translation for the Chinese word from Muslim according to From China, the Trabuco spread to the Mediterranean by way of a nomadic group of Russian decedents known as The Avars.

When the traction Trabuco reach the Mediterranean, the design was improved upon to create the counterweight Trabuco, which removed the sling from which the traction based weapon functioned and replaced it with a counterweight that was operated from a lever. Not only did this make the weapon launch it’s contents further, but made the Trabuco easier to operate, ensuring it’s further development on the battlefield. When the counterweight Trabuco reached Europe, where it was used extensively in Kingdom rivalry conflicts, and the Crusades, the weapon took on the moniker of the Trebuchet.


Southridge Capital Helps Businesses Solve Financial Problems and Thrive

The most commercially dominant businesses in the world have one thing in common. They have built teams of able associates and have partnered with the most competent advisors in the world.

Whether the advisor is a law firm, a taxation, and auditing firm, or an investment advisor like Southridge Capital, they are a great asset to any business.

Southridge Capital is a Connecticut-based financial holding company that specializes in direct investment as well as advisory services to middle market and small companies all over the world.

The more than 1.8 billion direct investment dollars the structured finance team has allocated, supports growth companies globally. The company develops customized financial solutions that address the specific business challenges that their clients face.

You Cannot Delegate Raising Capital.

As a business person, there are various functions related to business management that you can delegate to other able corporate executives. While you can delegate customer service, human resources, and inventory management, the cash flow docket is your sole responsibility.

Raising capital for growth is the most critical task any entrepreneur will ever need to perform. And raising cash can be daunting, especially when you are a small, little-known company.

Southridge has worked with many companies toward actionable solutions that adequately meet their needs. Here is how the investment advisor can help your business: You can visit their website

They Can Help You Raise Funds through Securitization

When you have financial problems and creditors are complaining, straight thinking is usually not your strong forte at that time. You are unable to explore all the possible solutions at your disposal.

That is where Southridge Capital comes in; they have got raising cash down to an art form. They create outside-the-box approaches including monetization of the various assets of a business.

The company provides loans against insider shares and capital assets among other types of assets.

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What a Dream Come True

Can you imagine dreaming about fairy tale fantasies and magical moments of mythical creatures dancing around in your subconscious mind. These creative images are what sparked the creation of Doe Deere’s present career of CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics that was launched online back in 2008. Born in Russia, now living in Los Angeles, CA Doe Deere has built a brand that is very unique and original.


Starting out as a fashion designer after dropping out of the Fashion Institute of Technology school in New York. Doe was able to launch her first clothing designs on eBay and began her pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur in the fashion industry in 2004. Not fully satisfied with her clothing line. Doe began to take part in making her own make-up to help her market her clothing designs that she modeled on her website. Completely immersed in the love of creating colors and just being who she is Doe was able to embark her passion and love for make-up and incorporate her ideas of fairy tales and story telling into her make-up line named Lime Crime.


For the last 10 years Doe has been running the make-up game with her bold and colorful cruelty-free and vegan make-up. She prides herself for her love of animals and all things beatiful thus making her Lime Crime make-up mascot a unicorn, which represents individuality, creativity and kindness to all animals. She has been recognized as a trendsetter in the make-up industry and credits her success to social media that was able to provide a platform for her to showcase her creative make-up ideas through blogs and and tutorials.


Doe Deere has taken her create ideas to the next level. She has been able to take her vision that stemmed from her not seeing colorful things as often, hence born in Russia and was able to imagine all of the quirkiness we see today. Doe will continue to create these unique collections of color and push herself to always stay relevant and keep offering something different than any other cosmetic company out there.


How a thought can become an ideal that you are able to make into reality is called living your dreams. This is the mantra that inspires Doe Deere and motivates her til this day to to keep going. She wants the younger generation to know that it’s okay to be passionate about something and to express yourselves no matter what. Being you is the best business you could possibly get into.


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How Fagali’i Airport Can Be A Ticket To Fun

Fagali’i Airport is the closest one to Apia, Samoa. It’s mostly used by tourists to visit the island Apia is on. There are also business travelers, though, as Apia is by far the biggest city in Samoa as well as the nation’s capital. The Fagali’i Airport’s international code is FGI and its coordinates are S13°50.92′ / W171°44.24′. Its elevation is 129 feet above mean sea level and it features a single paved airstrip that is used for both takeoffs and landings.

The Fagali’i Airport has flights every day of the week that are flown by Polynesian, the Airline of Samoa. They have one-way and round-trip tickets that they offer on their websites. A round-trip adult ticket is 380 in Samoan money. A one-way trip from Fagali to Pago Pago costs 245 Samoan Tala while a one-way trip the other direction costs 85 Tala.


Inside the Fagali’i Airport there is a place to exchange your money to Samoan Tala. The small office that handles this is located in the main waiting area just after customs checkout according to If the office is closed the taxi drivers waiting outside the airport will take travelers to the nearest ATM which is just five minutes down the road.

There are many hotels for every budget located within a few miles at most of the Fagali’i Airport. The Tanoa Tusitala Hotel is considered one of the nicest on the island and it currently costs US $144 a night to stay there if you’re booking through TripAdvisor. For those people who are on a very tight travel budget, they can stay for just US $23 a night currently at the Dave Parker Eco Lodge.

There are a lot of entertainment options that also aren’t very far from the Fagali’i Airport. There are a lot of eateries, three busy markets to shop at, nightspots, and two museums to visit that feature the history of Samoa according to Some of the most popular restaurants for residents of the city are the Tifaimoana Indian Restaurant, Krush (for vegetarians), an Italian restaurant called Giordano’s, and Bistro Tatau which features fusion food.

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A Simple Upgrade To Wireless Technology

Making A Better Connection With Security


The private world rests in the hands of the governments of this world and how they manage public safety. There’s a world in operation that can infiltrate the public lives we live as citizens of an American nation. American states thrive on what they can continue to protect and sustain. There are also agencies dedicated to this cause.


The private sectors of the U.S. government are not kept safe by the fire and police services you hear driving in the roads everyday. Private agencies, which are spread across the United States, are hidden about the country and hold resources valuable to society and the USA. Among those agencies in private industry is Securus Technologies.


Transactions And Various Contraband


There are a number of agencies operating in the private sector. These companies and major brands offer the U.S. government vast protection on its transactions. The processes of the private sector operates similar to the commerce of public markets. There are purchases and sells that complete private-industry business cycles.


The private sector must constantly be aware of the potential for illegal contraband and the impact it can have within a private facility. The lives at stake are those that remind us of our brothers, children and parents. There’s a great deal that the private industry must protect, and that protection gives our lives the fundamental safety we need.


The Security To Be Had In Private Facilities


There are private facilities across the U.S. country. These agencies help the U.S. government to manage a variety of functions. The work begins with security measures that match the advancements of technology and that bring together solutions to put in place. These solutions are for greater security measures that must remain in place.


The world is expanding in many ways, and our access to technology is the same access for criminal activity. This potential for unwarranted infiltration is the same potential that will be monitored as Securus remains with the U.S. government. The agency continues to push forward the boundaries of security and to keep unwanted infiltrations at bay.

Magnificent Work of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the head of the National Steel Car. There are several ideas that he has put forward as the leader of the company. He has made the company occupy the frontline on the matter of production of the railroad materials and freight services in the entire part of North America. The feature that has made Greg Aziz stand out in the field of management is the dedication that he has demonstrated ever since the firm was founded 15 years ago. Gregory James Aziz has made the goals of the National Steel Car surfaced and stream along the line of hope.


There is a team of directors that has been incorporated into the system of the frim to let the operations flow smoothly. Furthermore, the group is also concern on the recruitment of the new workers in the organization by subjecting them through a series of test to check whether they meet the required standard of qualification. The company has dominated the region of North America after winning the trust of many clients through the quality services they are offering. All the operations of the company have been kept within the dictates of the regulations. Gregory James Aziz has set National Steel Car among the few companies registered by the ISO. Currently, it is the standing firm that meets the requirements of the ISO in North America.


Gregory Aziz has played his smart skills in National Steel Car management. It has erected other assisting offices based in the other areas of the world. The reason for the idea was to make the clients access the distributors of the National Steel Car easily and present their views concerning the services and products of the company. The leadership of Gregory James Aziz has made National Steel Car unique firm in the mode of serving its clients. The information borne out of the customers’ views is then used to improve the quality of the services to attain the required standard. See This Article for additional information.


Gregory Aziz was part of the team of management in the family business. He dedicated his time to serving the firm and learning more in the arena of business. He pushed his way up till he became the manager of the company and registered a lot of achievements during his time. Gregory is a skilled economist who studied at University of Western Ontario. The knowledge he has helped him in the sphere of management of the National Steel Car.


Gregory Aziz is a skilled expert who has made National Steel Car remained relevant in the market for the last 15 years.


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